• What are the packs?

The packs that we offer consist of 3 bottles of 30 mL. We offer this possibility for all those who are undecided between several perfumes or want to try more quantity for a very affordable price.

  • How does it work?

Browse the web and take a look at the catalog and the perfumes we have. In the "size" dropdown you will find the 30 mL option. Add it to your cart. When you have three, you will see that they will appear in your cart at a price of €24. You can configure as many packs as you want!

  • What perfumes can I choose?

The entire catalog is available in 30 mL format, with the exception of the perfumes from the Special Edition collection, since these have the niche pack . You can mix between the different male and female perfumes in the same pack .

IMPORTANT: Remember that these are packs of 3. If, for example, you choose 4 bottles, you will not be able to proceed with the payment.