Fecha de caducidad de los perfumes

Does the perfume have an expiration date?

When we think of things that expire, our mind tends to think of the smell of curdled milk and rotten vegetables, but we don't usually think of perfume. We have the strange habit of not taking into account that the same products designed to make us look and smell good also expire.

So if you're someone who has a small bottle of fragrance on their vanity and is wondering if they're using something that might not be right, read on to find out. In this article, we will talk about perfumes and
the expiration dates.

How to know if your perfume is about to expire? As
know if your perfume is already expired? How can I store my perfume to prolong its shelf life?
If you want to know if your perfume is of good quality, visit our article where we explain how to recognize a good perfume.

Does perfume really expire?

The short answer is yes. How long does a perfume take to expire? The shelf life of a fragrance depends on the chemical composition of said perfume. Most perfume manufacturers do not explicitly state the expiration date on their packaging.

Even so, the general case is that they can last between one and ten years. So the half-life is actually three to five years.
It is said that perfumes with a heavier base note seem to last longer than fragrances with lighter base notes. Depending on which experts you ask, they will even tell you that perfumes with more intense base notes age like a fine wine.

Signs that your perfume has expired

Some things are just too hard to ignore, so here are some of the ways you can tell if your perfume has, in fact, expired.

How does the perfume smell?

This might be the most obvious test to determine if your perfume has expired. A good ingredient to consider when it comes to perfumes is vegetable oil. This appears in some perfumes and is an ingredient that expires over time. If you want a perfume that has a chance of lasting longer than the average fragrance, avoid vegetable oil.

Longer lasting perfumes do not contain fat (like essential oils). If when you smell your perfume you get a distinctly different scent than you expected, or a scent that smells sour, it's probably expired. Some people are able to feel the strength of the smell and realize it.

They realize that the power has faded, prompting them to
alert that it is no longer "like new".

What does the perfume look like?

Another good way to tell if your perfume has expired is simply by looking at it. This is much easier with fragrances that have a certain pigmentation. For example, a dark perfume that lightens over time is not a good sign. Light fragrances can also show signs of expiration when they become more opaque or
amber color.
When the color of your perfume changes, it is usually the result of large
alcohol concentrations have evaporated over time. Not only will you notice a change in color or scent, but the perfume will diminish even when not in use.

How to properly store perfume

You want your perfume to last, the best thing you can do for your perfume is to keep it out of direct sunlight and almost any heat source. Most people keep their perfumes in their bathrooms.

Unfortunately, they don't realize that the temperature is constantly changing between hot and cold, and humidity causes it to expire.
faster. Heat is the enemy of perfume. Disrupts chemicals, making the product and scent inconsistent

What not to do

Perfumes, especially good ones, don't come cheap, so you don't want an expensive perfume to expire before you get a chance to wear it. Here are six things you can do to better protect your perfume:

1. Keep your perfumes away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
2. Keep your perfume away from moisture.
3. Don't shake your perfume bottle.
4. Keep the perfume in its original bottle or container.
5. Don't leave the jar open too long, as you are giving it too much air exposure.
6. Store in a temperature controlled environment free from temperature fluctuations.

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